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Need A Website?

These days, if you are in a creative field, you need a website. It's your business card, yellow pages listing, and portfolio rolled up in one. You can keep a journal or show works in progress. The possibilities are endless.

But you probably want to spend time working on your art, rather than working on your webpage. That's where we come in. We can set you up with a very basic website for a reasonable price. That will give you time to think of all the bells and whistles you want to add. And when the time comes, we can help you with those,too.

What you Get

In our basic package ($250) we assess your needs and guide you in choosing and registering a domain name. We help you choose an appropriate design from a template collection. You provide the content, and we will create up to three pages for your website. Typically these are a main page, a "more info" page and a "contact us" page. We will edit or proofread your content, and this price includes making up to three images web-ready and sized to suit the template. Additional images can be prepared at additional cost. (There is no charge to incorporate suitable web-ready images). A year of basic (non-ecommerce) hosting is included in this package. If you prefer, we can help you upload your site to another hosting service.

Additional pages, as well as advanced options such as custom designs, scripting, blogs, galleries, etc. are available for an extra fee. Hosting includes minor updates, but major changes will incur fees.

We can also perform a site evaluation on your current site. How easy is your site to find? What keywords are people using to find it? Who links to your site? How can you make your site rank higher in search engines? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a complex and ever-changing process.

Note on Web Design

We advocate accessible design. Not because we believe there are a huge number of people with accessibility needs who are eager to browse your website (though yes, we do want to accommodate them), but because if you design for accessibility, you also design for cell phone browsers and for slow dial-up connections. Contrary to popular rumor, not everyone is on broadband. Besides, you can always add in bells and whistles.

Helpful Rules:

A nice benefit of doing this is that sites which are clean and accessible are also easy for webbots to navigate. This is a major component of what is called search engine optimization.